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​​​​​​​abstract (especially when parents think their kid can paint as well)?      
Painting is a two part process for me.  First: the intent or the why.  Second: the resolution or the how.  Each artist approaches these two elements in their own personal way.  I paint to express or communicate the swirling of ideas that pour out from my head and from my heart. ​Currently these ideas can be divided into three categories: a sense of place, an emotion, or a concept.  For example, ​Babylon, Aztec, Sedona, and Carrington ​have a sense of being there without actually portraying a "picture" taken of a real scene on location.  ​​Rage, Jealousy, Broken Hearted resulted from an outpouring of emotion brought on by a life event.  ​​Diversity, Multiplicity, Flight, and Night Journey  ​are pieces affirming a concept.
The majority of my paintings have circles.  The circles represent a continuous conversation from the painting to me, then to the observer, and back again to me.  This conversation is a continuum with no beginning and no end but the connection is never interrupted or broken. Circles can also have a healing effect because they represent wholeness or completeness.
Resolution is how to achieve the intent.  Unlike a realistic approach where I could use an actual landscape, still life, or even an assemblage of objects; I have to communicate by drawing a totally imagined, created composition using materials, color and mark making to convey the intent.  Some of these marks are a result of applying paint, ink, pastel, or charcoal with bushes or pens.  But more often than not, my "paint brushes" are found objects, pieces of cardboard, sponges, hand crafted tools fabricated in the studio, stencils, scrapers, etc.  The actual application process is intuitive, even magical.  A conscious or subconscious seed of thought is the starting point.  Then the ideas pour onto the canvas until there is enough content to start the dialogue with the viewer.​c
Installation view of "Time and Space", 98.5"x122.5", four
panels total and photo of process.
​Portfolio......4 seasons of work
Approaching a canvas with freedom, flexibility, and a sense of adventure, allowing the spirit of the painting to be what it wants to be.
Time and Space

My Art Journey...

For Interior Designer- turned artist- the decision to pursue art was serious and calculated.  After completing a Masters Degree in Environmental Design from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1978, Cherry worked as a registered Interior Designer while studying art and painting part time for thirty years.  In 2007, she dedicated herself to painting full time.

Cherry has shown at art exhibitions in New Mexico, Texas, Illinois, Belgium, and France.  Her first juried show was a collaboration with sculptor, Jamie M. Rohe using encaustics to patina three dimensional work.

Art Study after Masters Degree:

Southern Methodist University, 1999-2001
Ecole Albert defois in Vihiers France, 1992
Richland College, Dallas Texas
Santa Fe Community College
Art Students League Denver

Selected Shows:

Zane Bennett, Juried Encaustic Exhibition
Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Albuquerque Arts Alliance, New Mexico Wax
Encaustic Art Institute, International Grand Opening
Artistas de Santa Fe, two person Encaustic Show, Waxing Poetic
International Encaustic Show, Woman Made Gallery, juried Exhibition, Chicago, IL
Encaustic Art Institute, Art from the Heart, group show
Art Feast, 2x2x2
Artistas de Santa Fe, Solo Exhibition, Heat Wave
Albuquerque Airport Open Space Visitors Center, Pollen Nation
VIVO Contemporary, Figurative Chinese Works and Inaugural Group Show, Canyon Rd.   

Vermont Studio Center, October 2011, Johnson VT

New Mexico Magazine, June 2010, Waxworks, article featuring New Mexico Encaustic artists